The purpose and intent of this MUSEUM/GALLERY CONCEPT is to provide a refined venue to exhibit FINE ART NUDES. Female, and Male figures and portraits would be the exclusive fair exhibited. Paintings, Drawings, Artographs, Digigraphics, Photographs, and Sculpture will be the media represented. The museum/gallery will  inhabit a dimly lit womb-like space. Each work will be suspended away from the wall in that space and individually illuminated. The only illumination for the gallery willbe the ambient light reflected from the works thatseem to glow with a preternatural light. The exhibition would willbe theatrical in presentationof an often taboo subjectand a unique experience beyond the common Gallery.

There will be original paintings, drawings, and artographs as well as Giclee reproductions on canvas or archival paper.There will be an optionto purchase the Giclee prints in various sizes for a fraction of the cost of the original. Selected works will also be available in limited editions.
A handsome full-color coffee table book in both hard cover and soft cover editions containing pictures of every work in the exhibition willbe available.
To stay within the nudity laws of New Mexico, the exhibition willrequire an admission/membership (a waiver) to enter the Nudes Only Gallery which will include a declaration of awareness of the content of the exhibition. This should put the exhibition well within the law, and avoid the wrath of an unsuspecting guest.
   The museum/gallery will be located in the Railyard  
   district, an Arts area of Santa Fe, NM.
No doubt there will be controversy surrounding the gallery and the presentation of art of this nature. Nothing could be better. Press conferences, pickets, and the attention of all the usual suspects will contribute to the notoriety of the gallery. Handled correctly there could be International attention. With the interest generated by the press and media coverage the museum/gallery should attract the attention of the International Art World.

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