We hope to gain the interest of CHARLIZE THERON for the role of the Show Girl.

We hope hope to interest Matthew McConaughey in the role of the Priest.


We hope to interest JARED LETO in this Film Project.

He personifies the Artist of this tragic tale.

The mood and tone  of the film is established by the beautiful Mozart Clairnet Concerto in A major k622 Adagio







Psychological Drama: LOVEKNOT

A Priest, a Showgirl, and an Artist become tragically bound in a fatally flawed triangle of forbidden love.




An unusual love triangle develops between a dashing, charismatic priest (42), a vivacious, Broadway showgirl (34), and a spiritually gifted young man (17).  The story is set in a picturesque fishing village, on a windswept island, off the coast of Maine in 1969.  (Could be set in Ireland)

The showgirl returns to her island home. Her love for a childhood friend, the priest, is rekindled, in spite of his resistance. The Young Man, a visitor to the island, opts to stay when he befriends the priest and the showgirl.  Their relationship grows amiably.  When the priest at last succumbs to the showgirl and the call of Eros, impotence strikes, and he turns to drink.  The showgirl begins spending more and more time with the young man.

By chance, the priest witnesses the showgirl and the young man making love. He is devastated, but does not reveal his secret; the trio continue their curious, and tragically doomed relationship as if nothing had happened.

Caught in a storm, the niece (16) of the inn keeper arrives one night at the priest's door.  He is very drunk. His innocent advances are misinterpreted. The girl escapes into the stormy night, with the priest in pursuit. He overtakes her, she slips, falls, is overcome by a seizure and dies. Panicked, and believing he will be blamed, for her death the priest disposes of her body over the island's towering cliffs. When his altar boy (15) is blamed for the deed, the priest confesses.

The priest learns that the showgirl is pregnant, and knows that only his friend, the young man, could be the father. In a violent confrontation the young man is accidentally killed (or is he)? In panic, and suffering great remorse, the priest flees the scene in search of the showgirl.

He finds her at the cliffs contemplating an evolving storm.  He approaches yelling her name.  She is terrified, and unable to move.  He seizes her in an awkward embrace that escalates into a violent struggle.  As they succumb to their passion, the priest lunges toward the cliff and they fall to their deaths in the sea far below.  The young man now recovered has arrived too late.  He stares mournfully at the stormy horizon, and we wonder as the image fades if he will live or die.